Non-Newtonian Dinner

In partnership with CNRS, LPS Orsay, Investissements d’avenir

The "Non-Newtonian Dinner" is a short-film which represents non-newtonian fluids and their surprising reactions, defying all common sense. In an offbeat universe, the N-ND displays a meal instant orchestrated by a strange but funny waiter.
The N-ND’s main challenge is to allow people to identify each fluid in their kitchen and to understand that today, there are still some subjects as non-newtonian fluids, that remains to explore, and which are misunderstood.
This project is the result of a collaboration between physicists and designers in order to change the way we present physics and make it both fun and closer to recent research topics.

Directors of photography: Matthieu Barani, Amira Louadah.
Special thanks to Matthieu Barani


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