Necks to Drink

Necks to Drink explore the relationships between the touch and the taste, applied to the drinks.
Today there are more and more scientific studies, named Gastrophysics, which testified of the relationships that exist between the sensory perceptors in the mouth and the brain.
With this in mind, I chose three drinks which present important characteristics and worked on the necks of the cups.
For instance, the hot chocolat is recognized as a recomforting beverage. So then I proposed envelopping shapes, that fills the mouth. For the coffee which act to wake-up the drinker, the necks are more stimulating.
They scratch and scrape the mouth.
The sodas are stimulating beverage too. Then, the cups’necks prick the mouth, to boost the explosion in the mouth.
For this project, I made lot of drawings, textures tests, tests for the prehension of the objects.
I worked also on ranges of colors, which would work well with the brown colors of the coffee and the chocolate.
© Photo : Matthieu Barani



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